About Us

HHS is a neuroscience company dedicated to combatting acquired hearing loss, which is an avoidable health issue now affecting the quality of life and livelihood of 1.2 billion people globally. We think differently about the hearing loss problem. We’re in the wellness business. We make products to maintain hearing health. Everything we do is scientifically validated. Safe. User friendly. For everyone. 

HHS developed a unique, multi-patented preventive care therapeutic for hearing preservation known as ACEMg (say “ace mag”). ACEMg addresses the root cause of hearing loss by eliminating excess inner ear free radicals and maintaining normal inner ear blood flow.  ACEMg Clinical Care products are available to physicians treating infants and children with genetic, viral and antibiotic-induced hearing loss. ACEMg is covered by 8 patents. ACEMg branded Soundbites for consumers. 

Our Mission
& Vision
Our mission is to bring Dr. Miller’s discoveries to the world market. Our vision is to solve the hearing loss problem for everyone.
Our History

Our company builds on a foundation of three decades of basic and translational auditory neuroscience research started in 1985. Ten years of basic science resulted in discoveries about free radical-induced inner ear pathologies that changed the basic scientific concept of acquired hearing loss from biomechanical to biochemical. Ten more years of research discovered a micronutrient formula that eliminates the root cause of the biochemical disorder. Following a further decade of translational research and product development, the company is now engaged in the process of bringing the solution to the world market, along with continuing preclinical, clinical and epidemiological investigations.


Learn more about the research that led to the discovery of ACEMg.



Research  Begins


Clinical Trial Starts

(National Institutes of Health)


ACEMg discovery journal article published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine


Large scale launch into the US market

About Us

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Dr. Josef M. (Joe) Miller | Founder

Founder, Chief Scientist was among the world’s leading inner ear neuroscientists. He was Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan; Director, Tissue Engineering Laboratory, Kresge Hearing Research Institute, University of Michigan Medical School; Professor, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.
Learn more about the research that led to the of ACEMg.

Meet the Team



Free Radical Discovery


Preclinical Research


ACEMg formula achieves remarkable preclinical results.


Exclusive License

Hearing Health Science founded


European Commission Grant

ACEMg hearing preservation research consortium


Hearing  Health Science opens an office in Amsterdam


ACEMg introduced @ ADE in Amsterdam


Soundbites are stocked in Dutch retailer Etos. Real World Evidence begins @ ADE in Amsterdam